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Democratic Party officials are reviewing results from the Iowa caucuses after a "very small number of concerns" were raised, a spokesman said Saturday.

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This is how Democrats just broke a tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Iowa. the coin toss could have tipped Iowa in the. caucus process made it.

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Iowa Democratic Party says Bernie Sanders won 6 of 7 delegate coin tosses.This afternoon, the Democratic party officially declared Hillary the winner of the Iowa caucuses, gathering 49.86% of the delegates, just 0.29% ahead of.

Democracy In Action: Hillary Wins Caucus Delegates Due to

Iowa Caucus roundup: Kasich, Clinton, and coin. revealed that Clinton won six precincts by a literal coin toss.Sometimes, Iowa Democrats award caucus delegates with a coin flip.

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Clinton Wins 6 coin tosses in Close Iowa Caucus

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Coin-Toss Fact-Check: No, Coin Flips Did Not Win Iowa For Hillary Clinton. Watch one of these coin-toss.

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In an unknown number of Iowa Democratic caucus precincts Monday, a county delegate was awarded after the flip of a coin.

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The Democratic caucuses in Iowa on Monday were so close that more than a dozen delegates were awarded based on coin flips.In a sign of how close the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been in Iowa, officials in some counties resorted to a coin toss.Iowa caucuses are so crazy that they flip a coin when things get too close. Hillary Clinton Is AMAZING At Coin Flips.

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A Coin Toss For The Iowa Caucus' Democratic Winner

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We have seen several reports that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa Caucus by a coin toss, or by six coin tosses.

Hillary Clinton just beat Bernie Sanders in an Iowa coin toss

Some Iowa Precincts Were So Close They Flipped a Coin

In the Iowa caucus when two candidates tie in a precinct, the delegates are split in half and the odd delegate is decided by the flip of a coin.

A Coin Toss Was Actually Used To Decide Some Iowa Ties

Democracy In Action: Hillary Wins Caucus Delegates. delegates due to coin flips that landed favorably.The Iowa Caucuses are noteworthy as it is the first. of a hat or a simple coin toss,.A video shows officials resorting to a coin toss to break a tie between Sanders and Clinton. The Iowa Democratic caucuses too close to call,.The race for county delegates in some precincts in the Iowa caucuses was so close Monday night that they ended up being decided by a coin toss.Sanders released a video made by a caucus member of a coin toss used to choose between Clinton.


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